Sunday, April 15, 2018

CIRCLE OF IRON----Russian Military Bases Surround America as Tensions between the 2 Countries Heat Up

Symbol used for Russian base, with radar, 
artillery, airfield for bombers and fighters,
tanks and missile launch capability,
plus submarine and ship base, when located on a coast.

                  Map showing how America is encircled by fully-equipped       
             Russian military bases-------A Russian "Circle Of Iron"

At least 29 massively-equipped Russian Military bases surround the United States, according to respected, but confidential sources (note: there are a few smaller installations and submarine bases not shown on this map).

So far, there has been no major violent conflict between Russia and America.
The Cold War famously ended in the late 80s-early 90s, after the fall of the Soviet Union, leading to a time of quiet between the 2 powers.

But with relations between the 2 countries declining lately, and harsh rhetoric on both sides, the number and projectible power of these Russian bases has become an area of great concern for US officials.

Safe enough?
Fortunately, the United States and NATO have a similar number 
of bases surrounding Russia as a counterbalance.

Should America offer to close-down some of the US/NATO bases around Russia in exchange for Russia's abandonment of similar bases surrounding The United States? This is a major question for the diplomatic corps and negotiators of both countries. Can this balance-of-terror be maintained safely?

Would a negotiated exchange of base-closings between the 2 nations boost chances for world peace, or would it be merely a symbolic move resulting in only cosmetic changes to the national security of the 2 countries, as well as 
the rest of the world?

As a new Cold War threatens to heat up, with recent events signalling instability, or even belligerence between the 2 sides, is negotiation possible, 
or even desirable?

Additionally, some non-military observers wonder--Are both countries now on-the-cusp of a new arms race for innovative, cutting-edge weapons costing trillions of dollars, and pushing social concerns such as healthcare, infrastructure renewal, education, housing and job-creation aside. This would naturally result, as massive resources would need to be siphoned-away from non-military concerns to feed a fierce new level of weaponized technological competition 
between Russia and America.

The leaders and citizens of both countries must address, and debate these questions openly, if world peace is to be maintained, even as anger and frustration rises within both nations.

                              US Army General Austin K. Shockley

    General Austin K. Shockley, of the US Army Forces Command, says the current balance-of-power is dangerously unstable.

"I don't know how Russia got so many bases built around our strategic perimeter. We are supposed to have something called The Monroe Doctrine, which forbids things like that. America was lucky to have had a President Monroe. Russia never had a President Monroe, so it's just not the same for them, with our bases over there on their perimeter. That's just normal. But with all those Soviet, er, excuse me, Russian bases out here in our faces, the situation is just not safe or stable, IMO. Our bases are safe and non-threatening;Theirs aren't. It's as simple as that."

The international community can only hope that intellect and understanding 
will triumph over emotion and the danger of knee-jerk reactions, in these 
perilous times.

The whole world is watching the 2 countries, because a bad result 
ultimately endangers, on a profound existential level, all inhabitants 
of this fragile planet.




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